HW Originals pushed back, updated schedule for Memorial Day races

LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 5/24/2018

Due to the size of the field and popularity of Corvette Summer 2018...we will postponing videoing of Legends of Tobacco Road - Hot Wheels Originals until Tuesday May 29th...so  there will be a lot of racing action hitting the League of Speed youtube channel starting Saturday May 26th...so stay tuned race fans.

The Quest for Speed is Eternal...Good Luck on Your Quest.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed


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redlinederby 5/24/18
Site manager

Good call. That Corvette series is going to take up a lot time across the board.

I kind of mentioned it on the other thread, but to all the Corvette hosts, don't feel you have to rush things. It's a ton of cars which means a lot of racing over several days.

We all love watching videos but there's no expectation that everyone will be able to shoot and produce video for such a big field of cars. Videos are secondary to getting races done and cars shipped. Stay organized and keep your brackets documented is the top priority. Photos and video are bonuses in this type of event.

And if you do go the extra mile with photos and videos, don't feel you need to get them released the same days that you're racing. You can publish videos well after the event has been recorded.

Take your time, have fun. Everyone's efforts is greatly appreciated.

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