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Ram Rod 400 - Accepting Entries

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Since we have more than 32 entries, a special head-to-head 2-lap qualification race will be conducted live to determine the 32 fastest cars to compete!

  • We got some big names showing up to run the Rim! — SpyDude

I'd like to try and qualify!  

Biscuit Brown,
San Diego CA,
Smooth Boy Racing. 

Count me in please!

Fractal Panda #8

Fractal Panda Diecast Racing

  • On it's way from Scotland today! — Fractal_Panda
  • You certainly love that casting! I have had a couple here for ages that I have done various development and testing on. Good luck! — CutRock_R_Marc_D

I'd like to reach that person:

"3. No Sponsor (accepting offers) / M.C.MhanBhAR(z)"

If their build fits the overall spirit of my team, I could sponsor it. I'll be too busy to prepare a car for this event, but I'd like to participate in some way.

Maker's Box Motors would like to compete, driver Boxer.


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MadMike 9/2/21

Mad Mike's Custom Garage is well underway on our build.

  • That build allmost requires a green hand sticking out of the window and grabbing a shifter going down into the hood beside the engine. — SpyDude
  • Yes however don't have those 3d prints at this time. I need a supplier — MadMike

Please count me in.

Driver:  Reckless Ronnie
Team:  Bubblehead Racing 

Please count me in

Joey Slow

NikolaLacey Racing 

We're ready to go. 

  • Nice!!!! — bubblehead_704
  • Where did you get that big mill from? Looks great on the Muscle Bound car. — SpyDude
  • Hey Spydude. I don't actually remember, I was just rummaging through all my spares and found it and thought, hey, they'll fit perfectly :) — Chaos_Canyon

Count me in! 

I want in 

Captain cave man driver 

uncle Joe's speedway Sponsor

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Crumbum_2 9/4/21

I would like to join. Crummy Racing. owner Crum-bum driver Crum-bumbett

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