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I'm happy to announce the opening of the Redline Derby Racing Store.

Admittedly, there's not much there...but you can order your very own RAAB alignment jig to help keep your axles and wheels straight when modding. And while you're at it, you can get your very own RLD shirt and show your support at your next local racing event.

The store is very basic and only supports PayPal at the moment. As things grow and more products get added, I'll probably have to upgrade which should offer more features, but for now, this will get us started.

cool, any chance for more 1:64 oval decals?
Possible. I'll have to get more printed, I'll add it to the list

Great start, gonna get a shirt.


( and if I may make a statement/observation... Hoping not to offend anyone, as this is only meant to be a silly joke buuutttt...

Isn't it sad how we live in a world where disclaimers like " toy car not included " have become the norm?? And, on that note... Why is there no.. " Model not included " on the shirt pages??  LOL

 Sorry. B.   Just always wanted to say that.


Agreed. We're in the CYA era and I can't stand it.
too much political placation !

Maybe FTEs could be for sale there-- small, medium, large along with axle lengths.

Yes, I have an idea down for an FTE "kit" that includes wheels, axles and tubing - stay tuned
The ultimate racing kit


I'll write up a 'Using you Allignment Jig' thread this week some time... or maybe do a time-lapse video. They are pretty straightforward, but there are a couple little tricks to get the best results.

The jigs are made out of machinable polycarbonate  (really tough plastic)...and machined with a .5" ball end mill every .200" on one side and every .300" on the other.

I think you'll be happy with one if you get one...I've had had good results with them! And they take some of the guess work out of getting your wheels straight.

Got me a sweet Raab jig today!!!

Brian, love the store -very easy/smooth transaction.  Can't wait to see what else goes up for sale.  Perhaps some JDC442 diecast displays/trophies someday???

Sure thing...I'll mail you and we can chat. Lots of opportunities...

Thanks for all the feedback and orders! The response is great, I didn't expect it, really.

I did order some more of the "1:64" oval car stickers so look for them within the next couple weeks.

The online store I'm using has some serious limits so I may have to swap out inventory as things go in and out of stock but we'll figure that out as we go. 

Just ordered my very own RAAB jig can't wait to use it!!

Great store! Nicely done. 

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