Save your pennies...Hot Wheels Sweet 16 getting re-release

redlinederby Tuesday, 10/30/2018
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We probably all saw this coming at some point (especially if you're a collector)...but what I didn't expect was the price tag. They're going to put out just 1500 re-release sets of the Original Sweet 16 Hot wheels at a street price of $500, so add it to your Christmas wish list now and crack open that swear jar.

I'm not old enough to have nostalgia around the original 16 cars but what I can appreciate is their style and what they helped start. And had I won last week's Mega Millions, I'd certainly buy one (maybe two).

And apparently they go on sale next week, 11/6!

More details and photos over at HWC


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41-14 10/30/18

Who wouldn’t want to have a set. But at that price and that limited a number of sets I’ll be passing on them. My guess is shortly after they are released they’ll be readily available on eBay for astronomical prices. The scalpers will have a field day with them. To rich for my blood. 

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Jav74 10/30/18

Agreed on all points. You’re right, not surprising that it’s coming out. And nice to totally gouge any fan able to buy one. :)No offense Mat  el, we still love ya! I’m so glad I’m not that type of collector anymore.  

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LeagueofSpeed 10/30/18

This will be an epic fail for Mattel and Scalpers...some my bite, but most will not for toy cars.

  • I will get the whole she-bang for less than $100 in 3 years time — LeagueofSpeed
  • I might tend to agree. $500 is steep enough. I can't imagine people paying more on eBay but I've been surprised before... — redlinederby
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Jav74 10/31/18

Yeah, I bet we will see these castings for years to come. Maybe even single carded? And, some will gladly pay for this set.  I say more power to them. It’s just not how I collect thankfully. Even if I could afford it. Lol. Some years back, people were going nuts over  pimp daddy Destro. If you guys know go joe. 

This is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

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Mopar_Mafia 11/2/18

Agree as well. Went to a diecast show last weekend. Saw lots of high dollar collectables sitting on tables and stored in containers. Just that! Nobody was playing with them and nobody was racing them. I am a member of a local collector forum. I do collect but also look for good castings to drill out. Everybody is flocking to the stores to find the TH and STH so they can charge their friends double the price that they paid just so that they can say they got it. 

I did post a photo of the Gas Monkey Garage Hi-po hauler. I was fortunate to get one from a scalper. I bought it for a friend who could not obtain it who has had some major medical issues. The joy and excitment displayed on his face when he opened the bag was worth the effort and money spent. 

There is a place for everyone in this hobby. The high dollar collector, the regular collector and the guy that buys the 10 car just to see if it is fast and drills the rivets. Happy hunting and dreaming, now get to drillin'!

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