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redlinederby Saturday, 9/18/2010
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With the end of Season 2 coming quickly and with your guys' feedback still coming in, I need to start laying out a plan for my programming and development. Thankfully, the upcoming season will see updates to the game and not a complete overhaul like last year.

Please continue to suggest new ideas over in this thread

But here is a list of updates I plan on making for season 3. This is a wish list right now, so something things may get dropped (and added) as I start get into development. Some of these are also more "system updates" that you as player's won't necessary see or that have a huge impact on the game otherwise.

Update List for Season 3

Rating history per car. This was some excellent feedback in the other thread. You'll now be able to look up a car's rating and racing history as the season(s) progress.

Car weight data. I've already gone through and weighed most of the cars in the league, so that data will become available in next season. Not only should it help research the winners, I may also use it as a tournament filter.

Multi-class tournaments. Tossing around the idea of combining filters when creating tournaments. For example, Non-FTE+International.

Improved player achievement listing. Another one from the suggestion box, seeing what players have earned which achievements will be easier.

Achievement dating. Minor update that will show the date an achievement was earned on player profiles.

Improved Lot listings. The Lot browser will be updated to be allow for better sorting.

Public share links. I want to create some nice simple "share this" type mechanism so players can easily invite other friends to play and also to join teams.

Private tournament option. This is more for me to lock down tournaments for special occasions. Tournaments will require a password to play.

Misc charts and data visualization. This is one is a "if there's time" update. I just think it would be cool to see graphs and charts showing car/race data.

Data downloads. Another one that may get the ax, but I also think having a data set download would be neat. Basically you could download car/race data as a spreadsheet and use as you see fit. A basic API may become available too.


Most of these are minor updates that will happen and don't really effect how the game plays. I have ideas for other game play changes that will be shared in the feedback thread and I ask you all to keep posting your ideas.


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redlinederby 10/3/10
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All major system updates have been completed and will be pushed out into production following the championship tournament next weekend. There will probably be a day (or night) of downtime while I deploy and debug.

But I wanted to highlight the changes that were made and the ones that weren't. The ones that didn't make the cut were purely out of time and need. I want to get the next season of racing starting before November so some things I just had to cut for sake of time and effort.

Changes that you WILL see:
- Multi-class tournaments. So things like Non-FTE+International races will happen.
- The Lot will be better organized with sorting, filtering and search. MUCH easier to find cars now
- Achievements views. Trophies per-player are easier to find and unlocks are now dated.
- Weight data added to cars. But weight is NOT being used as a tournament restriction.
- Refer-a-friend bonus. You'll each get a special link to invite friends to play and get points for doing so
- Private tournaments. More for me to have special event tournaments.
- Profile badges. You'll each have a profile badge available to add to your own blogs and web pages.
- Tournament history by season. Had to add ability to display results per season.
- Lots of minor page display changes. Added/removed things to make things easier for new players (I think)
- The garage is gone. It just wasn't necessary anymore.

Changes you WILL NOT see:
- Rating history per car. Sorry. Despite me knowing this is a good idea, I just couldn't get all the proper parts added in time. You will still see car-vs-car history, just not rating shifts.
- Charts and downloads. I figured these wouldn't make the cut. These may get added mid-season if I can find time to work on them.

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