Team Tetrad

Saturday, May 20th, 2017
Diecast64 Friday, 4/28/2017

The Diecast 64 Team Tetrad is an event where each racer enters a 4 car team. All 4 cars will compete as a team.  Each car will contribute to the team total.  Points for each team of cars will be totaled, and a team will be declared the winner.

Rules & Restrictions

Cars must be 57 grams or under.
Cars may be stock or modified.
Length: must be 3.5 inches or less
Height: must be 2 inches or less
Width: must fit on Hot Wheels orange track
Dry lubes only

The rules for the cars are pretty general.  Build some new cars or send in some fast blasts from the past.  

Racers may enter 1 team of 4 cars. There will be a $1 entrance fee per team.  If you are a member of the Diecast 64 club the entrance fee will be waived for yourself, friends, and family, for up to 6 teams.

Races will be videoed and posted.

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Where to send your cars

Mail cars to

Robby C
P.O. Box 156
Washington, Utah

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Mail-in cars should be sent with return postage if the racer wants them back.

Entry deadline

Cars due May 20, 2017.  Racing will start the following week.


If cars don't meet the requirements they will not be raced.

Tracks & Dates

Cars will race on a straight downhill gravity track. Cars due May 20, 2017.  Racing will start the following week.


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VoxxerRacing 4/28/17

Pls post pic of track.

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FOTF 4/28/17

Will this count towards the 2017 points series? Also, will it be the same track as this?

I'm enjoying the Lightweight race so far, by the way!

  • I'm still bummed I missed my shipping window — LeagueofSpeed
  • It will be part of the 2017 points series. — Diecast64
  • I know, LOS ... I would have enjoyed making you LOSE. ;) — FOTF
  • Thanks for the info, CCR! I'll definitely have to try to get in on this one, then. — FOTF
  • ha!! you just made the list FOTF :) — LeagueofSpeed

League of Speed is in

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Diecast64 4/28/17

To answer Voxxer and FOTF's question about the track, it will most likely be the one in the video that FOTF posted above or the track in the following video. At any rate, a 6-8 foot downhill section followed by an 16-18 ft. flat section.

Building a 71 Mach this weekend....hoping C10 gets me back my GTO, the other two just need a dry lube refresh and there ready to roll. Plan is to race 3 builds and 1 new build....C10....I need my GTO:)

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Diecast64 5/15/17

Be sure to get your teams sent off this week. 

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Mcjiggles9 5/19/17

I sent my cars off but they might not arrive until tomorrow. I hope they make it in time!

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Diecast64 5/23/17

Racing got underway last night. Hope to have some video up by Wednesday!

I missed the boat again...bummed and sorry....getting Tobacco Road up and running has been the priority lately on the HW front. I do look forward to watching the racing action!!!!

  • No problem Tobacco Road is looking awesome! Our cars for it are on the way. Should get there in the next day or two. — Diecast64
  • Sounds great...I'll be on the look-out!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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Diecast64 5/24/17

Going to need one more day for the video.  Should upload it late tonight, so expect it when you wake up on Thursday morning! :)

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Diecast64 5/25/17

Results from the Team Tetrad race. Teams consisted of 4 cars.  Each car raced once in each lane with random match-ups. The slowest time was dropped and the remaining 3 times were averaged to determine the fastest car.  Team results were found by adding up the place of each car on the team.  The team with the lowest points wins.

  • That was cool and high tech racing there CCR....I'm impressed!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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