The Bluebird finally made it!!

redlinederby Saturday, 4/16/2011
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The Datson Bluebird has been one of my favorite cars and I'm happy to see it finally win a tournament. It has been in over 30 races since the start of the league. Always a bride's maid but never a bride. It would get close, often to the final race of a tourney but never made it.

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The Bluebird has been the car that makes the other cars look good. It wasn't a push over but kept the races close making them exciting.

I'm not sure if there is an FTE version of the Bluebird but I think I'm gonna mod one up and see how it performs. With some added weight in the right spot, I think the Datson is a great base for a speedster.


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challenger 4/16/11

I've got one of those, but mine is an orange/brown type color and it wasn't too fast, so I tried adding weight with play-dough and fixing the wheel axils. The problem is some play-dough got on one of the wheels so now it won't move easily.

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