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The Mountain of Doom Raceway Championship Tournament (FULL)

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Keith55 5/4/22

Thank you everyone for the quick and awesome response. I am still new to Redline and trying to figure it out. I guess you can send me a message and I will send you the address as to where to send the cars. We are excited to be part of this community and have great plans for the for our track and will also be sending our cars out as well. We ran our first tournament at Shredder speedway a couple of weeks ago and it was a blast. Thanks again Barry P. 

Our first episopde on you tube should be out this weeknd latest by next Friday. Please check us out and like our channel and we are doing the same for everyone on here as fast as we can.

This is awesome... myself K and my partner in racing J want to say thanks and can't wait to get this rolling....pun intended.

  • I wrote you but no reply... Need the address to send cars please! They're chomping at the bit! ;) — G_ForceRacing

LYDC will take a crack at the Mountain Of Doom. I'm in for 2. 
Any theme casting? Or limits?

  • It is no holds bar! send me a personal message for address, please! — Keith55
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EnochEl 5/4/22

I can send two

  • ok please send me private message and I will send you the address, Thank you! — Keith55
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Sam_Haul 5/4/22

Team DRT3K down for 2!

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RLoRacing 5/5/22

In for 2

  • ok please send me private message and I will send you the address, Thank you! — Keith55
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Keith55 5/5/22

It is an honor to have so much intrest. Please send me a personal message and we will send the address, if that is ok?

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MrDarq 5/8/22

Mr Darq in for two please. 

Looks like a Blast! Up for two for tearing up the Track if still open.

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Papa_Pugsley 5/10/22

I will send 2 cars in as well, looks like a great track.

  • Got yours over the weekend, great cars!! Going to post some pictures of it here at the track. — Keith55
  • Can't wait to see them race — Papa_Pugsley
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ShannonBR 5/11/22

Down Squad Racing would like to send two cars if you have room for us.

I'm down for a couple!

  • sweet!!! send them on over — Keith55

Thanks for the invite ... I'm in for two

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