The Name Game: Team names, driver names, real names

redlinederby Wednesday, 5/12/2021
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As a host, it can be difficult to tell which name to used when calling out and labeling race entries. And in my case, there's an extra layer because y'all have usernames here on the web site, so that gives me 4 options to choose from:

  • Real name
  • Team name
  • Driver name
  • Web site username

Now sometimes there's some parity in those but often not. When I'm making showcase videos and labeling names in videos and brackets, I'm never quite sure which name(s) to use.

My instinct is to use the real name that is provided since, in most cases, the cars are built/modded and I think you (the person) should get some credit and call out for your work. "Jerry Doomsday" didn't build that car, Bob Jones built that car, so Bob should get the shoutout...but...not the case for some folks, maybe. 

As a life-long pro wrestling fan, I understand the need and desire for a gimmick and alternate names when performating (same in music). And that's cool. It's fun and lets you create a character that isn't "Bob from South Carolina." Plus in other cases it's building a brand but I usually file that under the Team Name type thing. I'll always be "Brian from Redline Derby"

Which do you prefer?
Call this an unformal poll as to what you want to hear/see when hosts are talking about your cars.

Or maybe it changes if the race is a mail-in race or a driver race? Do you care more that your real name is attached to a build and your "character" name is used for non-builds? Dunno.

I mean, we can get complicated with this and I don't think anyone really wants that but it's maybe worth discussing and getting some small concensus.

A car could be introduced as "built by Bob Jones for ABC Racing and driven by Jerry Doomsday" but that's quite a mouthful.

And then we get into cases where there's limited information because some guys just don't care that much about how it sounds or what they're called. Their real name is enough and that's all they want. No team name, no characters, just them. 

I'd love to hear any thoughts and preferences you have when it comes to naming yourself for racing. I just want to make sure I'm giving you the proper respect when talking about your cars. 

I don't want to call you Randy Poffo when you want to be Randy Savage, you know?


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redlinederby 5/12/21
Site manager

And whatever I learn from your feedback might lead to some changes for the mail-in entry form so hosts can do a better job and calling you what you want.

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SpyDude 5/12/21

I'm perfectly happy using my alter ego, "SpyDude", and my racing team, Aces High Racing. This is all for fun, and we're all a bunch of characters anyway, so screw it .... go for it. Those who know me outside of here (like over on Facebook) know me by my real name, and that's cool, too. "SpyDude" is just my racing handle. 

I used to ride and repair pocketbikes for a while, built some cool stuff, and usually went out to the track to cheer on my race team. People didn't always know my real name, but as soon as they saw my bikes, they were like, "I recognize that bike - SpyGuy's around here somewhere...." Sure, there are guys racing with their real names, but more are running under their "race names," their handle. You get to know people by their handle, not usually their real name.

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Mattman213 5/12/21

My SN and real name and team name all have Matt in them.  Thats me.  Mattman213 is the team name and screen name I use.  I used to field cars under the team name L&M Racing which is my Son and my Wife's team (Luke & Momma) but that got to be a little too taxing time and effort wise and I have since gone back to one team.  I would generally let Luke pick the castings and let him and the Wife paint them.  I need to go back to that tho, seems like every time they painted a Mod it did really really well!  I have 2 cars at 3dBotmaker currently, the F'nFifty driven by me, Matt A and the Faddy driven by Luke H, my Son.  

I, like SpyDude, used to remember peoples cars/trucks from the local racing forums and would refer to MOST member's screen names until I became personally aquainted with them and learned their real names.  Some of my best friends to this day tho still are better known by their screen names than real names so I often find it odd when I hear their real names being used.  Hell my best friend is still refered to by his nickname from HS to this day and even my Son refers to him as "Uncle Spike"


  • I know, right? You get so used to calling people by their screen names or “assumed” names that you can’t remember what their real names are. In the steampunk world, I know LOTS of people by their assumed names, and that’s how I refer to them, even in the real world. Now trying to remember their real names is the challenge! — SpyDude
  • Case in point: who the heck calls Lady Gaga “Stephanie”? (Yes, that’s her real name.) — SpyDude

It really varies from tournament to tournament. I usually try to follow tourney rules in what is used and what isnt. Ca$h Money Boy$ is the racing team and when drivers names are requested, i put a grandsons name in there. It will be a good memory for them years from now. I have been asked to use my name specifically, and i use Ca$h Money Him$elf. There seems, to me, to be a seperation in the content in this topic. Some channels want the whole "universe" experience. Some just want to race! Lol. I think you do a great job just the way youre doing it now. 

  • Thanks. I'm not too worried about it but when I put together the City Connection video I realized there was no consistency between how entries are labeled and that always raises flags for me. — redlinederby
  • But good point about a channel "universe". Would you use a different driver name for different channels if they each have their own world and story? — redlinederby
  • Bottom line: I just want to race. Put me in, Coach, I’m ready to race today. — SpyDude
  • I wouldnt. I consistsntly use CMB and grandsons names on all channels. Now if the theme turned dark or we were portrayed in a villainous role, i have their names removed. Cant have cops sons being on the wrong side of the law! lol!! — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • Breaking the law, breaking the law ….. :p — SpyDude
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pupulesurfer 5/12/21

I've submitted my sheet with everything on there so whatever info the host wants to use is there.

Real Name is there, use it if you want
Driver Name is there, usually fake but thematic to the car, use it if you want
Screen name/handle is there, use it if you want
Team name is there (5-0-Tree Racing), use it if you want

I don't really care either way, but using a handle or race team is a good way to get brand name out there it would seem.

  • Cool, thanks. Yeah the entry sheets have varying info on them but for cases where it's all filled out, I'm never sure what to use and just do what I think sounds right. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 5/12/21
Site manager

Thanks for all the thoughts...keep it coming and sharing your feelings on this.

But even so far I think it's safe to say that the Team Name should always be mentioned and is the "safe" play when labeling things. And then any sort of character name or handle, then real name as a fallback.

  • "This car is from SpyDude for Aces High Racing"
  • "This entry is from Matt for Team Mattman213"

When no handle, it's just team name, "This car entry from Voxxer Racing"

And I guess when there's no team name it's just handle-then-real, "Car from GhostDriver" 

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RickLatshaw 5/12/21

I put my real name on the top of the registration sheet but specify using Lily the Dog as the driver and Lily's Boneyard as my team name. I hope to build my own track one day with a theme and these would go along with the theme that I'd like to have. I definitely get, as the race runner, getting confused as to how to label the cars, so I'd say unless it's specified, use what names are on the sheet. I think having alter egos is fun and believe it gives the cars personality. That's what I prefer but to each his own!

  • Your track better have a barrel roll section. — RanEast

I had a tough time this last race where people signed up for the race with one name and then sent in the form with a different name so I had no idea who to affiliate the name with. With editing being what it is and limited space to work with, I rarely can add i drivers name and team name to my videos. If possible, keep that in mind for future races and it would help the host out greatly.

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DXPRacing 5/12/21

I put my real name on the form because that is how you can contact me, talk to me or whatever.  Personally, I like DXP Racing to be used in videos, I do not get offended if it doesn't, just because of product awareness.  I use my son most of the time for the driver and sometimes my daughter.  I use a few other names like in the Sock Hop Slam because of multiple entries.  I don't have multiple race teams just one.  I let the host decide on what they want to do.  This is supppsed to be fun so I cannot get mad because someone called me by my real name or use my daughter's name as a boy.  In the end I just want to see if I can beat the other guy.  If not, then learn from it.  95% of the people in this hobby have been good to talk to and I have made several friends just by talking Diecast cars.  

When I think of Diecast racing, I think of team names first.  Voxxer, Mattman213, Flips Racing, Blueline Racing, Red Pill etc.  That is what stands out to me.  Channels are the same, Weracediecast, Scale Racing Channel, Red Pill, Your Nightmare Racing, Ghostjerker, etc.  The people behind the names are the personal part for me.  

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Grimsetter 5/13/21

For me, my racing team has 4 fictional drivers each with their own backstories, but when I'm participating in someone else's race it's really whatever they prefer.  If that's just my real/forum/team name then that's fine.

I like the flavour the driver names add to it but it's down to the race host at the end of the day, it doesn't suit all race types I think.
If it's not clear what's expected then I'd just give them everything and they can pick what they want to use.

When commentating during a a race, most times you should reference the driver name. Pre race, post race, driver, car name and team should be referenced. Of there is a builder, that could be adhoc info pre/post race. The standings graphics should always reference Driver/Car/Team.

The diecast sport needs to develop drivers, cars, and teams so we can create rivalries and team owners should try to use the same driver as often as possible to create awareness and familiarity with the audience. Eventually the audience will root for drivers and cars they know. If we keep creating new drivers and cars at every event, the audience will not be emotionally invested in each event which will not grow ratings and the sport.

I have some plans to help develop our sports talent next month which will take a little effort from the community. Follow us on YouTube at and in the next couple weeks, we will start a live podcast for the community to discuss how we can take this sport to the next level.


Winston Gunner, President

Diecast World Series

  • That's certainly a route you can take, although I'm not sure about "creating rivalries" since that suggests some serious storytelling and booking of racers. I'd rather cheer for the person who made the car, even if that's a gimmick name, rather than some fictional driver. And if someone is making up a story for me, I'd certainly rather have my name/handle associated with it. But again, ultimately boils down to what your channel is trying to do and the angle you're taking. — redlinederby
  • I do have to agree with this in principal. Driver, Car, Team (sponsor/shop). It’s how I’ve gotten to know a lot of the names in the game since I started and I’m sure it helps others as well. It defo helps with getting to know who can build and who knows how to race. I agree each event is different, but whatever moniker someone wants to use should be up to them. Some people might not want to be known by their true identities. I’m trying to craft a brand with my shop and Team name in the hopes that I can someday be recognized as one of you guys when it comes to the Diecast conversation. — Crazy_Canuck

I love custom everything, car names, driver names, team names, logos.

It all helps get the viewer more invested in the racing.

From a host standpoint, I have a separate spreadsheet where I track entries by real name just so I know who to return everything to at the end.

  • I'm with you on this one. Each of my cars gets its own name, whether or the hosts use it or not. Car, driver, team... I use them all. — GenX_VintageRacing

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