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MadMike Monday, 9/6/2021

So 9ver the next year I'm hoping to start building a track, unfortunately there is no selection in track pieces around me. Mostly orange track. I don't want a full land track, and I want open turns.

So now I'm looking to get creative. I'm looking for any advice on materials you've used for track that isn't a ready made track piece? 

I do have a few things I'm gonna try, I'm not sure about turns yet

Thanks in advance 


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redlinederby 9/6/21
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Take a look through the Track Materials collection of topics. There's all sorts of examples and inspiration you can pull from.

But anything can become a track, honestly. Cardboard is certainly a good way to start and prototype.

If you want to make banked turns, you can use this option below (it's how we made the turns at the canyon. Just be aware this doesn't work well on fluted products like corrugated cardboard etc. But works great with poster board or our choice, palight.

  • Thanks alot. Ur track is definitely some inspiration to me. — MadMike

I used the template that Chaos posted above to make a 180* and a 90* turn this weekend, from corrugated plastic or "coroplast". Works well as long as the corrugations? arent lined up in a way that would let the peice crease during the bending to create the bank. I then used thin strips of the same material to make the outside walls and a center lane divider. 

Also I've made a bunch of my straight track sections using the same material  as well using 3Ds method of cutting only through the 1 layer and folding up the sides. His video on what his track is made from explains it well. 

  • I was thinking of the same material. Hopefully there should be lots around after the elections — MadMike
  • Haha good point, there definitely will be. — BattleStreet
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