What are the fast 2021 mainline castings?

redlinederby Thursday, 6/24/2021
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Just a starter topic as I've not done enough racing/testing with new 2021 castings that I can even kinda say which ones are good candidates and/or speedy.

Which new 2021 castings have you found to be good performers on the track?

OR...which castings have you found great for modding?


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CrazyEights 6/24/21

I haven't been impressed by any as of yet. 2019 and 2020 were far superior as far as fast castings and wheel donors go.

  • I'm right there with you. 2021 is not my favorite year for castings. At least, not yet. — GenX_VintageRacing
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Healer_Racing 6/24/21
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Grand Cross is decent.  

I have many 1st generation castings, 1969 and before2000. 

Any of which can out run or keep up with any mod. The early castings have a metal chassis and are several grams more weight, better axles and wheels.

With that said I came to this theory by running 2019- 2021 same castings side by side. 1969 Nomad vs current Nomad, dry lubed only old school casting much faster. The fastest new casting I have is a Datsun 510.

  • I think it's almost always safe to say that older castings are faster. They don't even have to be super old. I think castings from mid-2000s are faster than what they make now. — redlinederby
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TheMakersBox 6/26/21

I've been watching Youtuber Xtreme Diecast Racing "Case Races" like youtu.be/x8ACXwfYJv8.  There are always some surpises.  The Ford Transit is the current champion.  

Personally, I think that the speed of a given casting follows a normal distribution, and that finding the "unicorn" outlier, or the fastest of the fast, is a good start for a racing mod canidate.

  • That Ford Transit is one of my go to wheel donors when making a custom racer. Something about the wheels they use on those are very smooth rollers. — FathersonDiecast

One that I have tested and had mixed results with is the new Batmobile from the upcoming movie.  It did very well on the downhill against my fast Ferrari F40, beating it every time.  

However on open track, it did strugle against heavier cars.  If it could pull enough distance from them at the beginning, it was hard to catch.  But if a heavier car bumped it at all, it was often on the losing end of the race.  It is a bit of a lightweight, but can really get out there and move.

It's like a gazelle.  It's fast and manueverable, but if a lion of a car clips it, that speed doesn't mean much.

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Rusty_Rod 11/2/21

The 2021 hw 17 zl 1 Camaro is pretty fast on a down hill track with curves

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Mattman213 11/2/21

We buy quite a few newer castings for Luke and test every single one of them and none have been worthy of praise including Kia's, Urus, XJ's, Grand Cross etc.  The black civic sedan was kinda ok but never could get to where Ide be happy with it. 

Now 5 pack cars and other special carded cars are a tad different.  Bassline that came in a 5 pack is a nail driver on my track and I have yet to find a slow one.  Nerve Hammer in gold chrome from the spider man deal is also a quick ride and I snag them when I find them (rarely ever).  You often can find some speed in cars with GHO repros as well tho they dont have the weight they need to really get moving.


  • Hi Matt, I have had a couple of the 5 packs with the Black Bassline, and yes, I have to agree, the ones I got, both hammer. Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Yep Ive picked up 2 and both go to the same spot and trade wins on my list. One of them was sacrificed to put wheels on my BoneShaker for Blueline's race. Im not a fan of the casting what-so-ever BUT those in particular seem to scoot so Ill snag em when I see em! — Mattman213
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PagodaRacing 12/30/21

Matt, What are GHO repos? I don't see GHO listed on the Wheelwiki. 

Thanks' Old Grumpy 

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