Where do you get your car sounds ? How do you edit them ?

Deedose Thursday, 3/10/2022

Most of the diecast racing channels use real car noises to make the race more realistic . Where do you get all those sounds and how do you edit them into a video ?


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redlinederby 3/10/22
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I don't know specifically but a quick Google for car sounds will probably yield you a lot of options. There are most certainly a bunch of free files to download but you can probably find some "better" sounds that will only cost a buck or two. 

How to get them in your video is just a matter of using your video editor to insert the sound. That's going to vary by editor. 

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Chaos_Canyon 3/10/22

We use a range of sounds for our videos.

Everything from downloading YT racing videos and using parts of it, to licensed sounds via Artlist, recording actual cars and making the noises ourselves. Once you edit a few of them together you can build quite a library.

For speed, we tend to have 2-3 long race car sound edits that can be plugged into the timeline then cut down as needed. You can also vary the pitch and/speed of the noises fto give you different sounds. Really depends how realistic you want to go with it.

Ours is more there to add to the realism more than being the main part of it, so it's relatively quiet and not the main focus.

Try to get a good library of tyre squeal and crash noises too. It can get annoying if all you hear is the same loud, high pitch tyre squeal over and over in a race. 

  • I have to create a sound bank , understood — Deedose
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Bongo 3/10/22

The BBC Sound Archive: https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/search?q=motor%20racing (Terms and conditions may apply)

  • Oooo...awesome resource, thanks for the link! Lots of good stuff you can pull from there. — redlinederby
  • very interesting ;) — GT_Diecast
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revhobbies 3/10/22

Artlist, epidemic sound, soundQ all paid for services but keeps you safe from copyright strikes.

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