Why aren't diecast races popular in Korea?

DaRe_KoreaDiecastRace Monday, 10/23/2023

My name is “Dare,” and I am the first person to run a diecast race in Korea and also run a YouTube channel.

The meaning of "Dare" is a word derived from the first two letters of the sound of the diecast race pronunciation in Korean.
It is different from the general meaning of dare.

????? ??? (Diecast Race)

?? (Da-re)

In Korea, Tomica is more popular than Hot Wheels.
But Tomica doesn't roll as well as Hot Wheels.

And in Korea, rather than holding races, Hot Wheels often collects RLC and premium products and displays them.

I found out about the Red Line Derby site here and was able to find out how the race is run.
And using that method, we started operating a race league in Korea.

Although it does not receive as much attention as races in the United States or other overseas countries, we were able to successfully conduct the preliminaries with 20 applicants.

There are still a lot of things to overcome, and although it doesn't receive as much attention as overseas, we are working hard on the race.

Sometimes people from overseas come to my channel, subscribe, and leave supportive comments, which is a huge help.

I hope that the popularity of Hot Wheels increases in Korea as well as overseas.

Also, I'm thinking about giving English commentary a try.

It may be difficult to provide natural commentary in English.

As k-pop becomes famous and k-game becomes famous,
Korean diecast lace too
I hope it develops into K-Race.

I will always grow by watching redline derby and other overseas race leagues!

Have a nice day everyone!


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FredD 10/23/23

Wow! That is a great endeavor! I hope it works out for you! If you post a race here, I'd be willing to toss in a few cars if someone were to volunteer to be a collection point for bulk shipping! Somone gotta come in last... might as well be me!


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dr_dodge 10/23/23

I think you built an amazing track.  I suspect that time will bring you popularity.
As more people see the productions, your name will get out there more.

Good things come to those who wait!


  • Thank you for your support! As Hot Wheels becomes more popular in Korea, it would be nice to see more vehicles made by Korean Hyundai or Kia. — DaRe_KoreaDiecastRace
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GspeedR 10/23/23

First of all, it's wonderful to read about the global perpetuation of this hobby. There is definately a universal appeal to these activities. With the low entry level investment and simplicity in execution, diecast racing can "catch on" literally anywhere.

I've found that nothing generates more interest than racing in a public area (with permission, of coarse). Hobby stores (that also sell diecast) in shopping malls can be prime spots for public racing. People will actually witness what diecast racing is all about...some may show immediate interest(which benefits the hobby store owner) while others may only pass by, watch a few heats, and move on. But the seed has been planted and some of those people will be searching for "diecast racing" on thier laptops later that day. 

  • Well, I can't do it for this year, but I know there's a couple of car clubs in my area thaat do a 'trunk or treat' in a local parking lot. I'm working on getting a portable drag strip together so i can set up alongside the truck and simply give out a pile of cars that I don't want (and candy!) to the kids, and let them race. — SpyDude
  • Korea has a small land area, so when it rains, it rains all over the country. lol I'd like to shoot outdoors like that, but unfortunately I don't have the space since I mostly live in an apartment. — DaRe_KoreaDiecastRace

English commentary vs English subtitles
I guess English commentary would be more difficult, right?

  • English subtitles, since it's not your native language. Besides, it's a hell of a lot of fun to hear how excited someone gets in their own language without it sounding forced. At least with the subtitles, anyone can read them. — SpyDude
  • Agreed. Focus on making it fun for yourself and everyone will catch on regardless of your language. — redlinederby
  • oh! So, after uploading, we are adding subtitles after about a few hours of translation work. Thank you for your good comments! — DaRe_KoreaDiecastRace
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G_ForceRacing 10/24/23

Very cool! I've been looking at your track, extremely impressive! I also would be willing to join in sending some cars to race there.  
I have been fascinated with Korea ever since i started learning Tae Kwon Do. To race there would be great!
I also live in an area that is dry & wet seasons, (Oregon coast) so if it's not summer, outdoor racing is out. It's also rural here, big cities are a few hours away. But my track is gaining in popularity fast, really surprising to me!
I will go and subscribe to your channel as soon as I post this! Thank you for your post!

  • Your support makes me happier! Thank you very much! A larger track is being produced in early 2024. I hope that the number of people who love die-cast races increases in Korea as well. — DaRe_KoreaDiecastRace
  • It's popularity is exploding in America, I'm sure it will catch on and increase greatly there too! — G_ForceRacing
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redlinederby 10/24/23
Site manager

I second everything that's been said already...but yeah, your track looks great and what I've watched has been very fun. It's great seeing a diecast racing ambassador in Korea :) Focus on having fun and you'll get noticed. And hopefully you'll inspire others in your region to try their hand at it too.

Large-scale and outdoor tracks are great and all, but most people have very limited space in their home. What you're doing is what others can do too. Keep it up and keep sharing your journey.

  • oh! Administrator! I am so honored that you commented! As you said, I will become a promotional ambassador for Diecast in Korea. thank you! lol — DaRe_KoreaDiecastRace
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