Axle tubes - What’s your method?

Diecast64 Monday, 8/3/2020

I just wanted to hear how those that are using axle tubes are securing the axles in the tubes. 
Here is the method I've been using. While it works and it secures them in there fairly well, I hate doing it so I rarely use axle tubes. Just wondering if someone else has a better/easier way. Anyway here we go...

So I take the tube and use a cutoff wheel on my dremel and cut a groove in the tube lengthwise on the tube, so I'm holding the cutoff wheel parallel with the tube. Then when I stick the axles into the tube I can see both of them in the middle and I apply JB Kwik in the middle. This method keeps the "glue" far from the wheels. 

Just for clarification when I make the cut the cutoff wheel is turned in the other direction than it is in the picture. It's parallel with the tube. 

Anyway, it can sometimes be difficult to get the cut right (though if I'd do it more I'm sure I'd get better at it) Anybody got any better way to get the middle opened up. I really like being able to put the "glue" in the middle rather than in the ends just to keep it clear of the wheels.

So what do you guys do? How do you secure your axles in the tubes?


...same technique here...and's a pain.

However, I haven't done it yet...but going to try and grind/cut some holes  in the copper tubing before I cut the tube to fit the chassis...I'm going to leave enough on the left and right of the grind to be able to cut them to size with the hole alraedy there instead of trying to grind/cut a small piece of copper works in my Minds Eye...but should be practical in reality.

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Mattman213 8/3/20

Set the tube in the chassis and secure with bond of choice.  I then get them where I want width wise.  After that I dremel two slots, one for each axle and then secure them.


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Peter_Bee 8/12/20

I experimented a bit and the way I found easiest was using a "helping hand" from Harbor Freight to hold the tube section, and using the dremel perpendicular to the tubing to cut one groove in the center. I grind it wide enough to see both axles. Then insert your bonding agent of choice.

I'm still not confident enough to use tubes in a racer yet, but I keep trying them, and one day you'll see them on a Peter Bee racer.

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shadowracer 8/14/20

To be fair, Ive never modded a HW car but have been thinking about it. So zero experience here. Im reading this method and am wondering if its maybe easier to just use a straight tube, snip the stopper off the end of the axle, slide it in the tube, put the other wheel on, then crimp the end of the axle (or just solder a little ball on the end) Seems like that would be less hassle. Am I missing something? 

First one I ever did was on Ray Gunn for your Gaslands race. I did it just like this and it was such a pain that I haven't tried it again.

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