Tournaments and RacingKalamazoo vs. The World; Partake in Weekly Racing at My Track.

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Mail your cars in to see if you can beat us.  Our local group races at my house every Wednesday night.  A typical race night for us goes as follows:

Main race that typically has 48 cars

"Buy back" race for 1st round losers

Second race, same rules, typically different line up of cars, usually 48 cars. 

"Buy back" race for 1st round losers

Every Wednesday night we produce 4 different winners.  Mail us your cars and see if you can beat us.  We have 4 regular racers here.  We should be able to have a large field of cars. 

Rules & Restrictions

  • 70 gram weight max
  •  2" high and no longer than 3-1/8" long.  This race will take place on orange track with 3D bot maker starting line and finish line.
  • Must mail in a minimum of 12 cars.  Each race participant will have 4 cars in the race at any one time.  We will rotate them.  They will all see eliminations.
  • All brands of 1/64 die cast cars are welcome.  We race a lot of older cars each week.  Creativity is encouraged.
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; must be production axles and wheels.  Sanding the wheels and polishing the axles is encouraged.
  • Stock or drilled
  • Dry lubes only


We will come up with something cool.

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

If you want you're cars returned please include return shipping money. 

Where to send your cars

Elliot Novess

3225 Virginia Ave

Kalamazoo, MI 49004

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

TBD. All entries must be received by the host before April 16, 2017

Scoring and Winning

This will be a 2 night race.  The winner of each race will be impounded.  At the end of this we will have 8 winners.  Those cars will square off to decide the over all tournament winner.


If the car fails tech we will work with that racer via PM to either fix the car(s) so it does pass tech or that vehicle will sit out the competition. 

Tracks & Dates

The races will be held Wednesday April 19 and Wednesday April 26. 

Winners and Results

I will take a crash course in making videos.  We will share a video of each race. 
Please post track specs... Neighbor...

This might be up my alley! Can you please post some details, and especially pictures and/or videos, of the track? Especially of your catchbox.

12 fast cars??? Might need to dig through my former racers...

Cool! I'll have to see what I can come up with! 

I will take some video tonight.  I don't really have a catch box I am not fond of that design.  I have more of a shut down area using carpet so things are more gradual.  By the time the race does happen my track may be longer.  It was going to get changed over the weekend but the edge glued wood I used for the shelves is discontinued. 

Sounds fun, 12 cars....I'll try to get it done. My main focus is getting my two tracks ready ( Tobacco Road Dragway and Bootleg Run), but I probably won't be able to help myself.....glad I'm semi-retired.

And this is a video:

got it, 4 track pieces per lane, short and sweet... what vinyl you got playing?
It could be on a 12 foot shelf next weekend. The popular its on I cant buy a duplicate. Last night was Stooges Raw Power

Sounds awesome. I'll mail in my 12 fastest mods :D

Ah, little sprint track action!!! See what I can do, doing some mods right now, but  Pony Wars 2 and building my (2) tracks are on the front burner right now. Looks fun!!

Some photos and video from our race this week.  We had 8 individual races tonight.  The video is the race between the 8 winning cars.  We mixed in some theme races but we usually call those on the fly.

 Elliot, My name is Nick of Nickpetty racing I live in Kalamazoo and I have  a nice stable of fast cars that's up for the challenge. email me @

Hi Nick sent you an email over the weekend

My wagons returned this week so I got a chance to race those against the local guys.  My friend Marc that races with us every week built an even faster wagon than what I have.  It would have fit the rules for the wagon war 72_Chevy_C10 hosted. 

We ran 8 races again this week.  some pics of the 8 winners.  and the overall winner, which was not my station wagon.

I want to thank 72_Chevy_C10 for the new toys.  That red Mustang is really cool. 

Just curious if anyone is mailing cars?

My dad (known on here as Sinisterdog Racing) and I are sending some your way. We've included six each of our cars; please consider them all to be one team.

My cars include:


Fighting Chance Daytona

Mad Proper BWF Camaro

Advent BWF Camaro

White Lightning Challenger

Uncle Sam's Fifth Toronado

SDR's include:

Flag Day BWF Camaro

Ozzy the Challenger

Catholic Daytona

Monopoly Silverado #3

Other Grand Am

SDR BWF Camaro

I took a picture before I revised my team, but it gets basically the same point across (I just switched the Savage and Keychain Camaros out for the Mad Proper and Advent ones); I'll post it soon.

Displaying FullSizeRenderjpg

Sounds great

Has anyone else mailed into these races? Also, did FOTF/SDR arrive?

I have not received any cars.

The tracking number said they were delayed; but they're arrived now, right?

Yep, came in the mail yesterday.  Clever packaging btw.  Will have photos tomorrow and I will post videos on Thursday night.

Awesome! And thanks, ha-ha. But if I'm the only one who's mailed in ... do me a favor and hold off on any results until you have the videos.
I like to watch and find out what happens that way! Also, did you see my PM?

Yep got your email.  Pretty easy repack given the way it was done, nice job. 

After re watching the race video we made an error in the first round, see if you can catch it.  I am not sure it would have made a difference.  I had some problems with my camera during the first buy back race so I don't have video of the eairly rounds in that one.  I will upload the rest tommrow night.         

All of the cars/teams entered

Line up for race one round one

Race 1 round 1

Race 1 round 2

Race 1 late rounds and final

Cool, thanks! For some reason, I'm only seeing the same picture under the first two links, and nothing else.
Looks like I can see them on my phone, actually.
Yep, I got to see them; good videos! Congrats to whoever won the first race--looking forward to seeing the others!
Marc (Dilligaf) won the first race with the 57.

I cannot salvage the video for the first round "buy back" for the first race.  FOTF won with the all purple Challenger.  More photos and video of race 2 tonight. 

There are other photos on my google drive of each team.

Don't worry about it; but what does that mean? That the WL Challenger was the fastest out of those that lost in the first round?
Meaning that it came back to race the overall winner (and then lost)?
All of the cars that lost first round run their own race and it won.
That is how we always drag raced slot cars and we continued with the same format
Okay, I see what you mean--to some extent, at least. So was that the second of the four winners from that race?
I finally get the formatting of this event ... HALF of our cars raced last night, and the second half will race next week.
If I find a car is a slouch I will run the faster cars of yours again. The Camaros are a bit too narrow for the this newer style track.
I am going ot swtch back to the older style in a few months. The track connector is no good. I also have JL cars that dont work.

4 Cars from each of the 5 times lined up for first round:

Race 2 round 2

Race 2 late rounds and final

First round looser buy back for the second race:

First round video of the second race was no good. I will have a new SD card next week

Here are our 4 winners so far:

Marc Dilligaf (our official starter) won with the grey 57 in the first race, FTOF won the first round looser race with the purple challenger.

I won the second race with the beater truck and Marc Dilligaf won the first round looser race with Crate Racer

We will have 4 more winners join these cars next week to determine who was the fastest. 

DARN! So close to beating that beater! I'll have you know that that truck of yours took out the LJLRC's 2015 AND 2016 Fastest Cars of the Year--the Challenger and the Daytona, respectively. Good job! What were the modifications to that truck (assuming there were any)? Glad we've secured one spot in the finals--though certainly not with our best car ... gotta get something else in there.

Good idea about going back to the older track--but some of those BWF Camaros would surprise you ... definitely run all four that haven't run yet, probably (assuming that four more from our team will be racing) along with the non-WL purple Challenger, the two Daytonas, and the Toronado. Unless I review the videos and decide otherwise in the meantime--in which case I'll let you know.

Thanks for the videos and the great racing action! Looking forward to seeing next week's!

That truck has lots of expirmental things on it. I think I can actually build one faster.
And your Daytona took out my Flat out 442 that has won every time its raced

Are there videos from this week's races?

Working on it.  They take forever to upload.  I am working on having race 3 up tonight.

Cool track and looks like some nice slot cars toooo

Race 3 first round looser race.....or "buy back" if you will.

First round of race 4, the last race of the series.

Well we called it race two but this is the finish of race four of the tournament.

And here is the final between the race winners.

Man, that's a fast stationwagon! Beat the Daytona and beat the thing that beat the Daytona! Congrats to its owner.

So you were right about the narrowness of the Camaros; thanks for running them anyway, though. If you haven't switched to a different track surface by the next time you host, I have some things that might give that stationwagon a better run for its money ... I'll have to do some more testing for your kind of track.

Thanks for having us, and for taking all the videos! It was nice to see at least the WL Challenger do something, and make it to the second round in the finals.

It's faster than my wagon that won the wagon war in Feb. And it fits the rules for that event.

Cars and prizes will be in the mail tomorrow.  

Just wanted to let you know that they did arrive on Wednesday; thank you for the effort you put into packing them well, and again for a great race! Thanks also for the "prizes" ... were those for the WL Challenger's meager "win," or were they participation prizes? Ha-ha!

Also, I don't know if you're mailing in for CCR's Team Tetrad race, but I mailed out the Fighting Chance Daytona and Uncle Sam's Fifth Toronado to that later on in that same day they returned in the mail, ha-ha-ha.

well I am loosing 5 cars from my fleet for next season so I am on a mission to build more cars.  I sent you the Riggor-Motor to tempt you into my idea for a race with that casting as the theme.  I know all 3 of us here are interested in that. 

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